How Procrastination Leads to a Clean House

I've always been into reading, writing and editing. Ask any of my friends who have gone with me to a restaurant that has those place mats with advertisements on them. I used to find 4 typos before the menu has arrived, then 2 more before placing our orders. Although I haven't posted in awhile, I … Continue reading How Procrastination Leads to a Clean House


BYO Travel Tips

BYO... Bring Your Own… You can Bring Your Own (insert any item that is part of your daily routine here!) Below I will share what my BYO go-to items are. Don't use travel as an excuse as to why you "have" to order cheap take-out food or spend extra dollars here and there because trust … Continue reading BYO Travel Tips

Travel Tips to Feel Good

Do you sometimes feel like travel can be an exhausting and expensive experience? Everyone deserves to travel the world and experience new things without ending up broke or feeling burnt out from it. The choices you make before and during travel will lead to how you feel after. Having traveled internationally for business and pleasure for … Continue reading Travel Tips to Feel Good