Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients

When I first experienced the transformations in my life that led me to my business I had a desire inside of me that was screaming to be let out and tell the world. Anyone who made eye contact with me HAD to hear about the amazing things going on in my life because I wanted to … Continue reading Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients

5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

The joy of the holidays sometimes comes with unintentional sabotaging of our health goals. It's time to start being mindful now of the little white lies we tell ourselves when it comes to why we can or can’t achieve those goals so that you can make the decision to avoid them this holiday season. If … Continue reading 5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

Invest In Yourself

You Are Your Most Valuable Investment | Written By:Danielle Woolley  As women, we tend to go all out when it comes to taking care of other people and devoting time to our business, family, and community. But what about taking care of ourselves?  I didn’t realize it three years ago when by putting myself last I … Continue reading Invest In Yourself

Travel Tips to Feel Good

Do you sometimes feel like travel can be an exhausting and expensive experience? Everyone deserves to travel the world and experience new things without ending up broke or feeling burnt out from it. The choices you make before and during travel will lead to how you feel after. Having traveled internationally for business and pleasure for … Continue reading Travel Tips to Feel Good

On a Mission

February 9, 2015- Article by Lynda Dell shared from http://abouther.pwbn.org/danielle-woolley-on-a-mission-to-change-womens-lives/ ​Danielle Woolley: On a Mission to Change Women’s Lives Before Danielle Woolley’s illness, this high-achieving workaholic, who traveled extensively teaching clients how to use software and technology to run their businesses, was driven by deadlines and to-do lists. When she finally carved out time for … Continue reading On a Mission