Stop Stopping

It amazes me when I hear of people giving up after not seeing success in a short amount of time. I’ve been guilty of this too in past businesses (haven't we all??) Gary Vaynerchuk  aka Gary V, didn't stop when people called him crazy for doing a wine tasting over the internet and it's been … Continue reading Stop Stopping

The Last Winner

This short and sweet entry is brought to you via my adorable nephew! It was sitting in my drafts from 2016. I did a color run 5k with my family on October 8th of that year. As you can see in the mile 2 pic below, my niece didn't like running with the pink tutu … Continue reading The Last Winner

5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

The joy of the holidays sometimes comes with unintentional sabotaging of our health goals. It's time to start being mindful now of the little white lies we tell ourselves when it comes to why we can or can’t achieve those goals so that you can make the decision to avoid them this holiday season. If … Continue reading 5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

Invest In Yourself

You Are Your Most Valuable Investment | Written By:Danielle Woolley  As women, we tend to go all out when it comes to taking care of other people and devoting time to our business, family, and community. But what about taking care of ourselves?  I didn’t realize it three years ago when by putting myself last I … Continue reading Invest In Yourself