Networking Yourself

Network Yourself  Originally published at Connecting and building relationships personally and professionally is something I am passionate about. By incorporating these tips into your life and business people will get to know you as an awesome business person/service provider/human being and not just for the thing you sell or do at the time that … Continue reading Networking Yourself

Stop Stopping

It amazes me when I hear of people giving up after not seeing success in a short amount of time. I’ve been guilty of this too in past businesses (haven't we all??) Gary Vaynerchuk  aka Gary V, didn't stop when people called him crazy for doing a wine tasting over the internet and it's been … Continue reading Stop Stopping

Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients

When I first experienced the transformations in my life that led me to my business I had a desire inside of me that was screaming to be let out and tell the world. Anyone who made eye contact with me HAD to hear about the amazing things going on in my life because I wanted to … Continue reading Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients

Invest In Yourself

You Are Your Most Valuable Investment | Written By:Danielle Woolley  As women, we tend to go all out when it comes to taking care of other people and devoting time to our business, family, and community. But what about taking care of ourselves?  I didn’t realize it three years ago when by putting myself last I … Continue reading Invest In Yourself

9 Random Pieces of Wisdom from 9 Years in Client Support and Training

1. When clients don't understand you, talking louder doesn't help. They are either confused or distracted, not deaf. Keep in mind many people wear multiple hats within their companies so it's easy for them to lose focus. If a call becomes challenging take a deep breath, rephrase their question and then ask them to let you know SPECIFICALLY what part … Continue reading 9 Random Pieces of Wisdom from 9 Years in Client Support and Training