Show Don’t Tell

What you expect to come to you, do for others. Are you finding yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to progress in life or business? Sometimes, I recognize that it's ME and my actions, when I find my clients or network not being as supportive in my endeavors as they used to be. By … Continue reading Show Don’t Tell


Stop Stopping

It amazes me when I hear of people giving up after not seeing success in a short amount of time. I’ve been guilty of this too in past businesses (haven't we all??) Gary Vaynerchuk  aka Gary V, didn't stop when people called him crazy for doing a wine tasting over the internet and it's been … Continue reading Stop Stopping

Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients

When I first experienced the transformations in my life that led me to my business I had a desire inside of me that was screaming to be let out and tell the world. Anyone who made eye contact with me HAD to hear about the amazing things going on in my life because I wanted to … Continue reading Why You Aren’t Being Heard by Your Clients