Toxic Relationships & Habits

via Daily Prompt: Toxic It’s nearly spring cleaning time and timely to have Toxic as the daily writing prompt, so, I’ll bite! The first 2 things that come to mind are: Relationships Habits Throw the word Toxic in front of any of those and your sure to have a not good time. Can you think … Continue reading Toxic Relationships & Habits

Meeting People Where They Are

Have you ever seen something special in someone that they don’t yet see themselves? Or maybe you have a service or product solution that you know would dramatically improve someone’s life but they’re not open to it just yet. As a leader or business person you want to serve, and it can be easy to … Continue reading Meeting People Where They Are

5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

The joy of the holidays sometimes comes with unintentional sabotaging of our health goals. It's time to start being mindful now of the little white lies we tell ourselves when it comes to why we can or can’t achieve those goals so that you can make the decision to avoid them this holiday season. If … Continue reading 5 Health Fibs We Tell Ourselves (and how to stop them before the holidays)

How Procrastination Leads to a Clean House

I've always been into reading, writing and editing. Ask any of my friends who have gone with me to a restaurant that has those place mats with advertisements on them. I used to find 4 typos before the menu has arrived, then 2 more before placing our orders. Although I haven't posted in awhile, I … Continue reading How Procrastination Leads to a Clean House

Invest In Yourself

You Are Your Most Valuable Investment | Written By:Danielle Woolley  As women, we tend to go all out when it comes to taking care of other people and devoting time to our business, family, and community. But what about taking care of ourselves?  I didn’t realize it three years ago when by putting myself last I … Continue reading Invest In Yourself