Network Yourself

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Connecting and building relationships personally and professionally is something I am passionate about. By incorporating these tips into your life and business people will get to know you as an awesome business person/service provider/human being and not just for the thing you sell or do at the time that they met you. If you feel like you are going to a ton of events and not seeing results here are 3 tips to help you to network yourself:


Ask & Listen

Ask a question and then simply listen. Most people crave connection, to be heard and to get to talk! Be creative with your question rather than asking the typical “What do you do?” My favorite go-to is “What do you love to do when you aren’t working?” or “What are you passionate about?”

Get Permission

When it is your turn to share ask yourself If it’s of value, then ask for permission to share. Try “Would it be ok if I connected you with” or “Would you like to hear about” and let them say yes. It makes a nice transition and lets their guard down and they are more receptive.

Follow Through

If you don’t follow through, follow up or stay in touch, what’s the point of networking or making connections in the first place? Think of ways you can add value to their life by referring them, connecting them with other people or sending them something you read that made you think of them. People are craving connection and will remember you for paying attention to them.

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