Show Don’t Tell

What you expect to come to you, do for others.

Are you finding yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to progress in life or business? Sometimes, I recognize that it’s ME and my actions, when I find my clients or network not being as supportive in my endeavors as they used to be.

By showing others how to treat you it goes much further than telling/asking them to do certain things.

Do you find yourself saying any of these things?

“No one gets back to me.” Are you getting back to others?

“No one registers on time for my events.” Do you register and keep your commitments for others events as well as plan your events with enough notice???

“No one follows up with me when they say they will.” Do you followup timely with others?

Get what you want by showing people, not telling them what you did or what you plan to do. Action is everything and the energy you put out is what’s going to come back to you. Make sure it’s good energy!

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