Stop Stopping

It amazes me when I hear of people giving up after not seeing success in a short amount of time. I’ve been guilty of this too in past businesses (haven’t we all??) Gary Vaynerchuk  aka Gary V, didn’t stop when people called him crazy for doing a wine tasting over the internet and it’s been amazing seeing all of his success. Seems like a different life when we were all crammed in his place watching his appearance on Conan O’Brien over a decade ago. And WAY different from seeing him buzzing in the background of my wedding video chatting about whatever exciting this he was working on at the time. Congrats on another successful book Crushing It and for loving on people and providing value along with your journey and showing people like myself that you can be successful while still being true to you. Why do I mention this? Because he started as a regular down to earth person who worked to get where he is by staying in action, doing what he felt was right, and not stopping just because some people didn’t get it.

Trying and failing, or trying and changing your mind to do something else is one thing. Stopping altogether because of fear or because of other people is heartbreaking. Ask yourself these important questions before you quit:

Am I quitting for me or because of someone else?

What am I afraid of and what action can I take to get past that fear?

Is it really time to quit and pursue something else because this isn’t really my thing, and I was only doing it because I thought I should be?

BONUS: Am I using someone or something else as an excuse?

If you haven’t read any of his books I recommend starting with Crush It, even better if you get it on Audible he adds in more current items in addition to the text from the book.

If you are open to sharing your answers to the questions above I’d love to hear from you, if I get at least one brave soul I’ll go into more detail about my own journey 😉

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