Toxic Relationships & Habits

via Daily Prompt: Toxic

It’s nearly spring cleaning time and timely to have Toxic as the daily writing prompt, so, I’ll bite!

The first 2 things that come to mind are:

  • Relationships
  • Habits

Throw the word Toxic in front of any of those and your sure to have a not good time. Can you think of ways to detox for unhealthy relationships and habits? I’ll share 3 of mine for each below, I’d love more suggestions. Personally, these have been repeats throughout my journey.

Toxic Relationships:

  1. Phase Toxic people out but putting space in between.
  2. When engaging with someone that feels Toxic ask yourself, “what am I benefiting from in this relationship?”
  3. Start surrounding yourself with non-Toxic and like-minded people and that will start repelling the Toxic ones. In fact, sometimes the toxic relationship lead to or propel existing toxic habits.

Toxic habits:

  1. Get honest with yourself and acknowledge what they are. What is something healthy you can do in place of each one?
  2. Do a nutritional cleanse / reset / detox / intermittent fast. Reset your body and shake things up, when you’re more in tune with your body you can make clearer choices overall. (I’m actually doing a 2 day tomorrow and Tuesday! Again, timely)
  3. Find quiet time without distractions, other people, electronics, etc. It’s become habit for many lately to binge on a couch with Netflix (guilty!) Instead, go out into nature, pray, meditate, walk, sit by the water – without noise. When you quiet down and become more mindful you can start weeding out the bad habits and choose new ones. If you’re always on the go it’s easier to stay stuck.

Detox your life, you deserve it!


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