The Last Winner

This short and sweet entry is brought to you via my adorable nephew! It was sitting in my drafts from 2016. I did a color run 5k with my family on October 8th of that year. As you can see in the mile 2 pic below, my niece didn’t like running with the pink tutu for long, and it somehow wound up on my brother in law 🙂

At the end of the run, my nephew said something along the lines of “yay you guys won!” and I jokingly said, “no buddy, we definitely did not win I think we came in last.” His reply? “So you’re the last winner?” I thought that was a pretty cool way to look at it, we finished, we didn’t quit. SO while we may not have been the FIRST winners, we definitely won!

color run oct 8 2016

Link to the super stylish pink runners tutu 🙂

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