In November, 2011 I met a woman named Corinne Zupko through my networking journey, who spoke on the topic of Mindful Meditation at a local women’s event. I felt calm just being in the room with her! I felt a weight lift after her talk and the sample meditation we did together, I got in my car, drove home and slept great. When I woke up the next morning I found myself back to my normal, stressful, day-to-day as if the evening never happened. It’s easy to do, right?

At the time I was working full time, running a side business, managing the property we lived at (for cheaper rent!) and stressing about paying college loans while crossing my fingers in hopes that my car wouldn’t break. I never got around to actually practicing what I learned in her meditation talk. I remembered a few months later that I had purchased her CD and decided to pop it in on my drive home to help me unwind from the stress of the day (my job had been insane ever since we acquired another company) Let me back up a second…

I PUT A MEDITATION CD IN WHILE DRIVING MY CAR!!! So – yea, that became a story I tell often when speaking to groups about self care and listening to your body.

Fast forward to March of 2017. I see an email that says:

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.24.52 PM

To see her name pop up in my email as part of my local community of a global women’s networking and leadership group was exciting! You see, I LOVE supporting small businesses and book launches, especially when they are women, so I, of course, had to buy her book and assist her by spreading the word. I’ve been finding random books falling into my lap and taking a piece away from them that have really helped me in my life.  This book was no exception. OH I should probably link you to the book now 😉 

from anxiety

Fast forward again to January 2018 and we hosted a pre-book launch event where she spoke to a SOLD OUT group of women about how to release fear and find peace by working with a healing part of your very own mind. We learned that 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety and women are twice as likely as men to be affected by this debilitating feeling. What a crazy number! We ran over on time and actually hosted a 2nd event in March where we learned first-hand how to move through stuck places, how to develop trust in the process of healing, and tips for getting consistent in your practice. I thought it was going to wind up being something else to add to my daily to-do list, but for me, I actually discovered that it helped me to remove more and have less! Below are my top 3 takeaways:

  • The simple act of pausing and taking a breath is powerful. You can think more clearly and be proactive vs reactive.
  • Fear is mostly in our own mind. My fear tends to be tied to guilt, or getting in trouble for my decisions and actions. The exercises in the book helped with this and brought light to some areas where I am not as successful as I know I can be.
  • Letting go is crucial. Worrying can be debilitating.

I like that the book has exercises to complete throughout it. I read it the first time without doing them all, and am now going back and working through them as I feel called to do certain ones. I’ve recommended this to several women I know who suffer from anxiety and have received 2 personal contacts thanking me as they helped them work through something, one of them able to pass it along to her daughter. SO not only was this book good for me, but I got to share it with others who are passing it along as well! How cool is that? If you check out the book let me know, I’d love to pass your feedback along to Corinne. Alo if you get the book on Amazon be sure to leave a review!

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