Book Signing Experience with Jaime Primak Sullivan and the Southern Education of a Jersey Girl

I love to write, it’s something I work on spending more time on, especially since I’ve been working on 2 books for a few years now. I’ve gone through phases of sharing pieces, then hiding, posting, then deleting because I worried about saying the right thing or worried about what people would think or say. Sometimes I write just to get it out of my brain and then get rid of it. Like a word cleanse of sorts.  I admire anyone who can commit to and deliver a book of content that provides value to others. I love having books that are signed or written by people I know personally or have met along my journey (and hope they return the favor when I have my first book out!)

I enjoy meeting authors and getting an autographed copy when the opportunity arises. When my friend Lauren invited me and said she thought I’d like it I was in and we invited Jen and Danielle. 

We arrived 30 minutes early and the seats were already full with a line forming. What’s notable is that the staff at Freehold Barnes & Noble, as well as Jaime herself, put out a relaxed vibe ensuring everyone that they can take their time, and everyone would get a chance to sit and also were encouraged to ask questions and interact and take a picture. That was nice because previous signings I’ve attended we had to pick between a signature or pic, and sometimes that’s a tough call. (I’m talking to you Deepak Chopra and Gary Vaynerchuk)

I should mention that another thing I love is people watching. Watching people geeking out in anticipation of meeting Jaime got me excited and they were SO much fun to watch. It was especially a pleasure to meet Joyelle who was there with her well mannered and adorable son that she took 2 trains and an Uber with to be there (shout out to you girl!) That experience alone of her seeing Jaime for the first time was worth the trip. Jaime started promptly with sincerely thanking everyone for being there and asking if anyone had questions. 

A lot of people told her that they felt like some days they felt like she was talking directly to them and that she assisted them with getting through things in their lives. I couldn’t hear all of the questions from my spot but did hear someone ask her what Freestyle music was. That part was sad for me, because I mean, anyone who has never had Freestyle music in their life is seriously missing out. Or maybe people do have it in their life but just don’t know that’s what it’s called. 

Fun fact: Raquel opened for the first concert I attended (It was Backstreet Boys and I went with my grandma, aunt, and my 2 besties) I’m sure if we were in a game of Name That Tune you’d probably figure it out what Freestyle music was in less than 5 notes. “In a dreeeam my looooove…” Anyhow, where was I? Oh. Right. 

So the line moved right along and I really wanted to ask a question not only beneficial for me, but something I could share. I thought of asking to do a Facebook Live or record a video but I only had 9% battery power left. So I decided to just see what came out of my mouth when I got up there. It was almost my turn when looking behind it seemed that somehow the line had gotten even longer. Jaime quickly excused herself to head around to the line to assure everyone that she would still be there. She then did a quick lipstick reapply after what seemed like an emotional encounter with one of the guests and it was my turn. Her publicist Courtney (hope I spelled that right!) was happily taking pictures for everyone. I told Jaime that I didn’t know much about her, or even that she had a show, but that I liked how she talked about women supporting each other and I was invited by a friend who thought I would resonate with her. I should have mentioned at the time that I also pronounce coffee as cawfee,  but didn’t think of it until just now so I’ll include it here in case she reads this! I then asked my question:

“Out of everything that you’ve done and gone through and all of the decisions you’ve made, what is one thing that you wish you had done sooner or not taken so long to decide?”

I won’t put quotes around this part because I don’t have it verbatim, but she said she would have let go of trying to control how her life unfolded much sooner and trusted God’s timing, rather than forcing things. I understood right at that moment what everyone else was talking about earlier. I suddenly found myself thinking, “Oh my gosh she was talking directly to me!”  I mean, she was standing right in front of me obviously, but you get what I mean. THAT totally spoke to me and was relevant to right here right now for what I’m going through in my life. It may not sound very profound, but for me it was. And now it makes so many other things make sense to me. (More on that in another piece I’m working on!)

Since the event, I’ve been following her more on social and saw she posted about the same topic we had talked about. I’ve also been slowing down a bit when it comes to trying to control events and I have been listening to more Freestyle music! Jamie posted on Facebook:

“Timing is everything, even when it’s off. Take life as it comes and always thank God for unanswered prayers.” 

That’s some good stuff! Maybe you should read her book. Get it here: 😘

jaime primak sullivan

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