How to Complete a Task

Inspiration comes at 1am after trying to force yourself to write repeatedly through out the day and nothing comes out. Swap out the word “write” with whatever goal you’re working on. Is it exercise? Is it a project? Is it laundry? Do you go to bed saying, “I’m gonna get SO much done tomorrow!”

Once you stop obsessing or overthinking is when you can simply be. When you can do this you can find your flow and accomplish the task. Do you require a certain time of day or a specific location, a song, something that makes you feel good and relaxed? Can you picture how you’ll feel or how things will look after it’s completed? Once you play with those things you’ll find the task you were originally stuck on (in my example writing) will come more naturally. (Yes even doing your laundry!) For me, this got started at 1am but I finished by the water, one of my muses.

So let’s get back to writing, how do we do that? We grab a pen/pencil/computer and start at it. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just start putting words down and see where they go. You’ll find that once you stop forcing it, words turn into sentences that actually start making sense and you can piece it together after. Just get it out of your brain first!

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