How Procrastination Leads to a Clean House

I’ve always been into reading, writing and editing. Ask any of my friends who have gone with me to a restaurant that has those place mats with advertisements on them. I used to find 4 typos before the menu has arrived, then 2 more before placing our orders. Although I haven’t posted in awhile, I still write and journal in several notebooks. I’ve also been contributing to my global women’s group and my friend’s health and wellness site http://jerseygirlhealthandwealth but not nearly as much as I’d like to. Topics ranging from life experiences, travel, body image, business training, product ideas and random thoughts are what I have spilling out of my mind on the daily.
You may notice my blog having a big ole gap in it, and wondering if that’s a good or bad thing. Kind of like when you see a job resume with a chunk of time missing and wonder if that’s a red flag. For me, my blog gap comes from way over thinking and overly editing myself causing me to not put anything out. Have I written? Yes, but I worried that things didn’t ‘fit a theme’ or ‘address the right audience’ and thinking back I now realize I still worried about what people may think. Sounds silly writing it now but sounded like so much more of a valid reason in my head. One thing I have stuck with is my #morningmotivation posts and writing about it now I bet it’s because I do it for me. Interesting insight Danielle. 🤔 <— (That’s me looking wise while talking to myself)

So, how do I get a clean house you ask? I attended a writing mini-retreat yesterday for getting unstuck and received great advice around trusting the process and writing for myself like I used to and not so much worrying about others. I picked to focus on a topic I’m vocal and passionate about which is taking care of yourself to be able to give or do whatever it is you’re passionate about. That topic seemed overwhelming to jump right into so I planned to make prospect calls for my nutritional cleansing business to get me pumped and in the mood. But then I found myself feeding my brain a story that it’s Sunday and I’d be bothering people so I cleaned my house instead. Even better, my cleaning and purging prompted my husband to start doing the same so now my house is looking spic and span! Zero calls were made for my business, but my house is clean and I’m writing so I’ll take it. Besides, with all this imaginary pressure I was putting on myself it’s unlikely that I’d have brought the right energy to my calls to close a sale.

Just like anything else in life, we all have a choice in prioritizing what we spend our time on, whether or not it seems important to us after the time is spent. Make decision, do an action, receive a result. Don’t like the result? Try something else. Feeling stuck? Clean or re-organize. Not sure what to write? Stop thinking so much and just start writing!

So, are you reading something I wrote? Yes. Is it perfect? It’s good enough and I consider this mission accomplished.

PS for anyone following me on social, my sunset roses are looking even more fabulous each day! Hoping they make it a few more days.

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