You Are Your Most Valuable Investment | Written By:Danielle Woolley 

As women, we tend to go all out when it comes to taking care of other people and devoting time to our business, family, and community. But what about taking care of ourselves?  I didn’t realize it three years ago when by putting myself last I wound up almost losing my most valuable investment, my health.

Working at a growing company, while running my own business and being involved in my community, I was putting in so much time and energy into helping others that I had left myself physically, emotionally, and nutritionally empty. Lunch was either something quick and easy (and by no means healthy) or nonexistent.  I would then justify extra treats or drinks as something I deserved for surviving the day. Can you relate?

After over-obligating myself and not taking care of myself for so long my body started to talk to me, to tell me it wasn’t feeling so great, but still I ignored it. Eventually, my body’s talks turned into screams and eventually one morning I got to the point of not being able to get out of bed.  Because of my poor habits, I wound up being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and having to take some serious medications.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore, let alone run my business because all I wanted to do was sleep. This was my wake up call. 

It took me two years to find what worked for me, and it is now my passion to help other people, especially women, to feel their best. Because at the end of the day if we are investing in ourselves, we will feel better and do a better job with everything we set our sights on. Wouldn’t you agree that when you feel better, you do better?

Below are a just a few things I learned that have assisted me in my journey. Please reach out to me if you are looking to make an investment in yourself. 

Wake up earlier each day. This may be difficult at first but even just a few extra minutes each day in your morning can make a difference. You can use this to read, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in peace or just get your thoughts together for the day ahead.

Unplug earlier each night. This goes for phones, laptops, TVs, etc.  Spend time before bed to go through the day’s events and mentally prepare for tomorrow.

Drink more water. I bring my own water bottle with me everywhere I go.  I find a direct correlation to how I’m feeling when I’m not drinking enough water.  Aiming for 1/2 of my body weight in ounces a day works for me.

Find a healthy outlet for stress. Reading, writing, prayer, meditation, walking, or even a TV show.  Something to help calm your mind that doesn’t involve frequent trips to the snack machine or stuffing your body with chemicals, sugar or alcohol. 

Find a nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle. This was huge for me. I could make all of the plans in the world, but if it didn’t fit my schedule, there’s no way it would have worked for me.  This is where I help my clients the most. 

Move every day. Even if it’s a five-minute walk, it’s better than a zero-minute walk.  With my autoimmune disease, I had days that I didn’t want to get out of bed, but found that once I started moving I felt much better.

Leave your work at work. This isn’t possible for everyone; I understand that.  You can instead work on setting boundaries and see where that goes.

Thanks to these tips, support from an amazing community and knowing that there is no such thing as perfect I am happy to say that I am currently in remission and without medications as long as I listen to my body and treat it nicely. If I hadn’t invested in my health who knows if I would even be working, let alone working full time while running very fulfilling side businesses that get me out of bed each day with a purpose and passion for assisting others.


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