BYO Travel Tips

BYO… Bring Your Own…

You can Bring Your Own (insert any item that is part of your daily routine here!) Below I will share what my BYO go-to items are. Don’t use travel as an excuse as to why you “have” to order cheap take-out food or spend extra dollars here and there because trust me it will all add up. Think about the money you are spending on cheap unhealthy food vs the cost of how your body is going to feel after consuming it.

Uncle traveling Matt. Just because :)
Uncle traveling Matt. Just because 🙂

BYOB Bring your own blender. You thought I meant something else, didn’t you? I typically travel with a carry on and bring my small single size blender along for the ride. (Not a gigantic margarita machine or anything like that.) This allows me to bring meal replacements with me during times of a packed itinerary, ensuring I receive proper nutrition without breaking the bank. Instead of spending $10-$50 for a meal I simply prepare my $3 meal in my hotel room and I’m good to go (and my body thanks me). Shaker cups can be used if you have less space available.

BYOB (OK this time I actually do mean booze!) If you plan to drink bring your own travel size bottles to have in your hotel room to avoid costly hotel drink prices and over-indulging. Also, I’ve never verified if this is actually allowed BUT you can also ask for free mixers on the plane like club soda and mix your own cocktail while in the sky. Spirits generally cost $7 on flights whereas bringing your own is usually $2-$3. Simply pack them in a clear baggie and bring through security as you would your toiletries and other liquids. I’ve never had an issue (knock on wood!)

BYOC. Bring Your Own Cup. Staying hydrated it critical to travel and even more so if you have an autoimmune disease like me.  My go-to is a shaker cup. I used to use a glass bottle but it was too heavy. Shaker cups are light, easy to store and clean and if you lose it it’s cheap enough to replace. BONUS TIP: It can be branded with your company logo for free advertising if you own a business. I ask for a water fill-up on the plane during food/beverage service and also use the airport water fountain. Start hydrating the day before travel (although you should be drinking at LEAST half of your body weight in ounces every day already) Some airports even have fancy filtered water stations. Driving and not flying? At the gas station ask to use the water from the soda machine. I’ve had a high success rate doing this and worst case scenario they may ask you to use their cup and charge you 20 cents. When you are traveling out of the same airlines and airports you start to find your go-to healthy restaurants and watering spots.

Fancy airport water fountain.
Fancy airport water fountain.

BYOM Bring Your Own Meal Replacements. This one is a money saver as well as a way to save yourself from post-trip guilt. I have two favorites to recommend. One is vegan pea and hemp protein based and the other is an un-denatured whey protein based one that is sourced from happy grass fed cows in New Zealand. (You’re picturing smiling cows frolicking in a grassy meadow now, aren’t you?) My recommended brand is packed with probiotics, digestive enzymes and the proper macronutrients of a meal. They keep me satisfied on flights and keep me from spending money on expensive airport food that makes me feel horrible after. It also has glutathione which assists the body with its immune function and detoxification and we all know travel can sometimes put you in toxic situations. If you prefer a colder shake ask for a cup of ice at the airport or during food and beverage service.

Eating on the plane.
Eating on the plane.

BYOT Bring Your Own Tea. Ask for hot water at the airport or during flight and add your own tea. My favorite is loaded with adaptogens that assist the body with handling stress. I’ve scoped out a few spots in certain airports that give cups of hot water for free. Some however still charge a dollar for the cup (I know right?!) but it’s still cheaper than buying something else and you know you’re going to be satisfied because you brought your favorite tea. If you are driving, you can also get hot water from a gas station. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes they charge you for the cup.

BYONP Bring Your Own Neck Pillow. They are the bees knees even if you don’t plan to sleep. I attach mine to my personal carryon bag to avoid losing it. There are planes, hotels and rental cars throughout the U.S. that have my lost pillows, but no more! Attach with a ribbon or snap closure, they may seem a bit bulky but totally worth it. It’s also useful for leaning on, sitting on or for back support. I am always looking for recommendations here, what is your favorite neck pillow?

BYOE Bring Your Own Energy. Avoid costly sugared lattes, sodas and chemical energy drinks and bring your own energy replenishment. My favorites are an adaptogen based all natural energy shot or a natural electrolyte drink. I also have favorite powdered fruits and greens that are super convenient for travel that I simply mix with water.

What BYO travel tips do you have to share? I’d love to hear them!

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